Wednesday , October 5 2022

Russia's Foreign Ministry blasts blasts on Austria


Moscow, November 10 – RIA News. The External Affairs Ministry of Russia expressed opposition to Austrian Ambassador Johannes Agnier against Vina's statements. A retired Austrian official was examined in favor of Moscos. This is revealed in the message of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Austrian policeman archive photo
The Austrian media reports that in 1988, former colonels were recruited in Iran

The Ministry was disturbed by the fact that the Russian military decided to discuss "sensational stimuli of information in the media" and public demand for explanations from Moscow, without discussing their suspicious approach through the open channels to discuss Russian troops. This approach was adopted by the MFA.

As pointed out, the Austrian side's activities are based on suspicion without any evidence. Recently, the relationship between countries has caused a complexity. In the recent past it has been a good outcome.

Spin scandal

On Friday, an retired colonel of the Austrian army was suspected of spying for Moscow. He has been charged for transferring confidential information to the Russian special services for more than 20 years.

Missy Kunasak, Austria chancellor Sebastian Kurz and Austrian Defense Minister, said at a press conference in Vienna
"A skylapali". Expert commented on the spy corruption in Austria

The officer has been asked to collect information about the country's air strikes, artillery systems, migrants. In addition, they provide detailed information about several high-ranking military personnel. According to the report of the media, every two weeks he contacted Russian sites in a person named Uri.

The suspect will be sentenced to ten years in prison.

According to Mirian Kunack, head of the Austrian Defense Ministry, the counter intelligence information came from a few weeks ago in "friendly service". As the media says, we talk about German special services.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz has demanded Russian transparent "transparency information". Austria has also intended to discuss the issue with European parties. Foreign Minister Carin Kaneis visited Russia earlier.

Russian Federation's Foreign Ministry's building. Archived photo
Vienna's suspicious "espionage" complex relationship points to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Sargui said that he was amazed at the condition of the former Ruler. The foreign ministry has complained that Western partners have introduced a policy of using "megaphone diplomas"

EU response

The European Union has reported that European Union Convention Officers sent their Friday RIIO Novyote to the European Union that the former colony had been arrested in Austria for allegedly accused of "spying" Russia, in which case the "challenge" from Moscow is real.

It is unacceptable to show disrespect for his sovereignty and their internal affairs.

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