Monday , May 29 2023

Nutritionist reveals the dangers of tangerines: Food: From life:


Overdose of tangerine is dangerous for people suffering from obesity, diabetes and gastrointestinal disease. This was announced by Olga Gregorian, a leading researcher in the Candidate of Medical Sciences, Nutrition and Biotechnology at the Federal Research Center (FRC).

Nutritionists have revealed that tangerines are high in fructose, making them the leader in simple carbohydrates that are absorbed very quickly. At the same time, these citrus fruits have a positive effect on the nervous system and improve mood with their aroma.

However, the use of tangerines should be limited or completely abandoned as overweight people have a lot of sugar. They are allowed to eat more than two a day. This limit also applies to children.

People with allergies may experience hives, allergic rhinitis or shortness of breath due to excessive citrus fruits. It can be severe in people with gastrointestinal disease.

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