Monday , June 21 2021

Microsoft Windows 10 – New fullscreen ads will be added to Ferro

According to Windows Latest, in the coming weeks, users will see a new “Get more out of Windows” banner at the top of the settings app. The banner will appear when monthly updates are installed, and most users will see the poster after the system reboots.

Clicking the “Let’s go” button on the banner opens a full screen window asking you to try out Microsoft services, including Windows Hello, your phone app, Office 365 and more. You can click “Postpone for three days”, or click “Continue”.

The next screen will focus on setting the default Edge Browser. The third screen is the Microsoft 365, which offers a 50 percent discount.

If you close all of these screens, the system will return the user to “Settings”. There he will find another new option that offers to install the recommended browser.

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