Wednesday , March 22 2023

Lydia Fudosova-Sukkina and Bari Alibaso are commending the wedding


"That's not possible, because they would call me because I introduced them!" – Alibasso FedocytesSmart Their common friend, Slaz Sadalski, is married. That's how it's possible! At the most unpleasant moment of the festival, "Komsomolskaya Pravda" called the bride.

– Lydia Nicolaeona, are you married?

Ok yes!

– Congrats!

– Thanks! It's very hard to hear. Transfer via phone now Bar Karimovich, – The connection is broken.

71-year-old Alibazov married sixth times. Marriage to 31-year-old Liliana Maximoa As a philosopher, they were born from the husbands who gave birth to a child, and were betrayed after they were betrayed. Elena was one of the wives in the common law URON Alibaso has one son, Bari Alibowsov junior.

80-year-old Lydia Fodioseva-Shukshina married the fifth time. Is there She is Three daughters, five grandchildren, even a great son.

Their relationship with Alibasau began almost a century ago. They had meetings in 1995 and signed for several years. The relationship did not stop. At that time the producer "Na" married another, and the actress did not marry again. Years later, they joined Kutsoskov Registry Office Moscow.

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