Thursday , June 8 2023

Lutk has been suspended for 1098 unlocked children


In the schools of Lutsk, 1098 unwanned students were removed from the class. This was announced at the meeting of the Deputy Head of the Education Department of the Lutsk City Council, Tatiansa Silka.

According to the decision of the Pandalikya Council, the decision to prevent 1098 students from school and prevent vaccines from vaccines in the fifth standard is being prevented from studying uneducated children in each educational institution, "the City Council said.

According to silk, they take this measure to maintain joint resistance.

According to the Chief Physician Oscana Laschicine of Lutsk City Children's Polycinics, 53 children from Latchesquo from Latvia have been affected by 2019. Vaccination can be started by older persons as teachers and medical staff are affected by this disease.

The most reliable way to prevent illness is to remember the vaccination of the fifth phase, and there is no special treatment for measles viruses – the only symptom can reduce the symptoms.

According to the Ministry of Health, vaccines are distributed in Ukraine. Children, students, doctors, and military personnel deserve free vaccines.

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