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In Moscow, a vaccine against HIV-racismic gazta will be tested

Next year, a vaccine test begins for Moscow for HIV infections – this is the best treatment vaccine in the world. The Moscow City Center will conduct a check-in for prevention and control of AIDS. Alice Muses, the head of the main capital of the capital, said: "HIV infection is the main source of diagnosis and treatment.

The principle of vaccine is because the patient does not need to take medication for a long time. Because living antiretroviral therapy, the use of vaccines reduces the cost of treatment. Her trials last for several years.

Almost every year there are about 3,000 cases of HIV infections, but at least in the world the capital continues to be the capital of the capital, "said Alex Mazes, who is 40 percent less likely to have HIV infection in Russia than in Russia.

The capital of Russia is still one of the least affected capitals in the world

Moscow shows a marvelous phenomenon to prevent HIV infection in a large city. Number of patients is less than every year. The fact is that 60 percent of them get immunosuppressive treatment in them. About 80 percent of patients will not be infected with viruses, that is, they work for the treatment and suppress the virus. At the same time, the number of HIV infections in the city has increased substantially – last year, 5.2 thousand people from other regions were first spotted in 2017, which is 1.7 times higher. According to Alexis Majus, MOSCO explains the fact that it has become the center of medical treatment throughout the country. About 20,000 HIV patients from Moscow are coming to work every day in Moscow – a pedestrian migration that can not be ignored, "he explained.

One of the best screening indicators in the world by HIV helps doctors to help detect early infection and prescribe the appropriate treatment in time. Moscow's theft series is three times higher than that in the United States, twice as high as Western European countries. Over 5 million tests were conducted in Moscow last year. Last year, Moscow conducted a HIV test in Moscow. The Moscow model for the prevention of HIV infection helps people. HIV test will also be obtained free of charge including anonymous and unknown.

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In Moscow there are also consulting rooms and voluntary tests for HIV infection. The survey is free and unknown, no passport or OMS policy is required. Addresses available on the site spid.ru.

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As a result of programs that assist pregnant women, HIV from mother to mother is about 1% of the world's health.

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