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Heart disease is an Achilles talent: Show business: VladTime

Japanese experts have found that thick Akhila paint, the cardiovascular system of developing diseases.

Previously, in the Achilles plate guessed doctors associated with the development of atherosclerosis because of it with cholesterol deposition. Experts from Kitozoth Medical School in Japan have not only been able to confirm this theory, but also prove that the jungle is a sign of jugular heart disease. More than 240 people participated in Japan's doctors experiment The study of the thickness of Achilles taluks and the research of the arteries of homeostasis have been done by scientists. As a result, 80 per cent of the nine mm thick heap droplets have more than two coronary arteries. At the same time, only about 58 per cent of the carnivorous donors were one of the owners of a fine acicola.

During the study, Japanese doctors have found a connection to the development of thin and coronary artery in the aisle thalis. If you have cholesterol, then it will increase your pain.

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