Friday , May 14 2021

Gough and Bast are losing one another: Music: Culture:

The Russian Raps Gaff (Real Name Alexi Dolomatov) and Basta (Vasili Vakulenko) jointly broadcasted the show. Conversation recording has been posted to the Rn Perceptions YouTube channel.

In a broadcast broadcaster, Rapps admitted that they had lost each other. Basta knew how to work with a colleague. Gough admitted that he was very happy at Basta's professional success. The end of the conversation was invited to invite Vakuleno Dolomato.

In 2017, rapes broke out between rap artists. GIF lives in the cross-border boss who has been sent for treatment for drug addiction. Wakunenko said he was not his friend.

"When I was disfellowshipped, can you call me to a rehabilitation center for half a year and use five grams a day for Heera? You are:" I help all slaves " [имел] In the mouth of such assistants, "- said Gil.

A few hours later, the bus responded on Twitter. He posted on a screen on a computer with the gap. Where he helped catch a drug dealer who called the words of a former friend as "obvious lies." Later in an interview, Vaklinko said: "He is not for me."

In 2010, a joint album by Barti / Guff released. That's for a few weeks on the Russian charts. Bart's second line, Set Michael O'Brien, has almost doubled in sales.

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