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Doctors said of unexpected benefits of smoking ban – medical news

Encouraging smoking in public places Not only does the prevention of smoking smokers from developing lung cancer and other related tobacco-related illnesses affects the average quality of high blood pressure significantly. Doctors write an article in an article published in the JAHA Journal.

"In some parts of the US, smoking, restaurants, bars or workplace sites, Simolis is very low, which affects the risk of heart attack and life expectancy seriously, says Stephenie Maine, from the northwestern university of Chicago.

Smoking and related diseases are one of the main causes of premature death on the planet. According to the Cdisi estimates, about 6 million people die each year and second smokers. All three smokers are also responsible for tobacco abuse.

In recent years, there has been further evidence that adverse effects on tobacco and nicotine are only for lungs. A year ago, biologists discovered that tobacco smoke increases the aging of all organs of the body, causing blood vessels changing the structure of the walls, causing them to break and contributing to the development of deafness.

Such inventions have introduced large packaging packages to make the majority of the world compulsory. FCTC Convention against Smoking, including ban on public spaces. Today, 186 countries have signed or recognized this document, and only 10 countries in the world, including the United States.

As noted by Maine and her colleagues, some states and individual cities have been banned in their own region free of the last two decades. This helped scientists understand how such activities affect the health of smokers who live in non-smoking and non-smoking areas.

In order to do this, a team of 2,600 volunteers, including young people and students living in smoking and smoking areas, retained their health for 25 years.

During this time, the average amount of stress in these experiments and other partners has increased. As a result, the number of people with high blood pressure has doubled. "Although the inhabitants of the smokers and non-smokers have affected it equally, Mena and her colleagues have found an interesting pattern for the second group volunteers.

The normal level of their silicic pressure was 1.14-1.5 mm of mercury rather than previous education in areas where such bans were not.

Such a improvement might seem remarkable. However, more than one millimeter pressure increases blood pressure, ischemia, and heart attack up to 10%, as long-term surveillance is shown at the level of all countries and their territories.

Maine indicates that the population will receive clear benefits due to smoking ban in the public. It is not a reduction in the possibility of developing cancer, but from heart and death from blood vessels.

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