Tuesday , February 18 2020
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Disease is already in Ukraine

New virus The fever The orientation media in Ukraine may be lost in the case. Professor Julia Dewa MDA The head of the Otolaryngology Department of National Medical University issued by bogomomates said. "Facts". He says, he is called a bullet.

"The lungs are in the lungs, bumps in the blood vessels and bleeding in the form of bulls, they are very painful, so the ear hurts more than the normal otitis media, the bulls sometimes open themselves, and if this does not happen," she said.

According to the Deva, Bulletus Autosis, hearing loss – sensory hearing loss, so you should contact your doctor immediately. If the patient is on a week or two decade, it is often impossible to help him.

According to the vice report, the Ministry of Health has no threat to influenza virus in Ukraine. Inflammation of key influenza and ARV disease is high.

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