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Bardí Boris Polskin passed away. Reads


Soviet and Russian singer Boris Polosakin died in the 87-year-old St. Petersburg.

On November 17, 2018, Boris Pavlovich Pollochis passed away. Our love is from our sincere love in the "East". He was one of the founding members of the club's resources. His whole life, songs, poems, travels, – St. Petersburg Club "Vostok" is the song.

The date and place of the culture will be reported further, the report says.

Born on 18 February 1932 in Leningrad, Boris Polskice was born. MI in 1950 He graduated from Polytechnic Institute under the name Kalinin. He graduated with a degree in Research Engineering and worked at the Physics Technology Institute. A.F. Joff.

He wrote mainly poems in the 1956 film Guitar with seven lines. Poshoskin Grushinski is a member of the jury of festivals and the northwest festivals in Sosnovi Bor, and some others in the Sototsky Islands. The song "Vostok" became the song of the club "Waiting for Music".

In Poland in 1967, in the Eastern Province, for the Vladimir Vesposki handed over to the Political History of Russia in Russia in 2005.

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