Monday , February 6 2023

Announced a rehabilitation of Spice Girls Group and Tour. Without Victoria Beckham


It was famous in November 2017, The legendary Spice Girls group is in the process of getting ready again. Melanie Chihuahua started, Nickname "Sports peppercorn. And the main singer (Melanie brown, Victoria Beckham, Emma Banton, Melanie Chishol and Jerry Haylive) to discuss and discuss the details of the tour, Hari princesses, speeches at Megan Markel's wedding.

Suggested, What is Victoria Beckham (Victoria Beckham), have long refused to give up this opportunity, Finally agreed, Stopping a condition, She does not have to sing. But after some time he said he is not going to tour a group, That tour is not even planned.

However, on November 5, Spice Girls confirmed the news of their reproduction. They Announced About tours, The summer of 2019 will be held in the UK, The early start of ticket sales.

Okay, Without Victoria, this group will take place – designer music breaks down in the past.

"I will not join the girls on stage. Tell me, Participating in Spice Girls was not a milestone in my life, So I want them to enjoy luck and greetings. of course, The show will be very exciting, "Beckham wrote in September.

The rest of the girls shared the video on social networks, It announced the tournament. In the video "Pepper "argues about their clothes, Then start singing a song.

Remember, Spice girls have been working on the conclusion of the 2012 London Olympics last year. This year's group, If she had not collapsed,, 24 years old We decided to see it recently, How did Team Members change over the years?

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