Sunday , April 2 2023

64-bit ARM applications appeared on Windows 10


There are several limits to Windows 10 operating system that is used in laptops with AMM processor. One of those 64-bit applications is lack of support. But now it has changed. It was added to 15.9 as the new release of Visual Studio. In addition, the Microsoft Store App Store started receiving applications for hosting such software.

The new development environment can help develop not only 64-bit applications from the scratch but also help to increase 32-bit re-scams. At the same time, this renovation is like a beginning to the future. After all, in Snapdragon smartphones, 850 are quite light performance, and the amount of RAM is 8 GB more (often 4 GB). In other words, this reform is not so much.

It is not logical to assume that the company always insists on on-pi-p in the future based on more powerful mobile chips. This will increase your system's performance, and then let's talk about 64-bit applications for ARM laptop.

However, ARM processors offer better performance indicators. Earlier, the new iPad Pro tablet chip was rated gaming performance to Xbox One. The ARM offers regular performance of laptops in the Cortex A76 architecture. In particular, competition was announced with an array of Intel Cabby Lake.

If the information becomes true, it will increase the popularity of the ARM laptop in the market.

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