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Young robbery at the chair of the block of Julia album. The victim was released from prison



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Al-Qulia was attacked by a block-scale. A grandmother broke in front of a 20-year-old 33-year-old Elder.

The policemen were able to arrest him and take him to the trial because he was filmed from the scene of the entire scene.

A prisoner for rape and robbery was released two years ago.

Writer: "Why did you take her away, can you stand alone?"
And so on: "Who?"
Writer: "On the face."
And so on"I do not know about what I'm talking about, I do not know anything." The police came to my house. I thought they spent, I did not know anything, I did not beat anyone. "

The attack took place in a block of flat in the city. In captive cameras seized, one can find a boy and two other people in the lob in the block and reach the elevator. The first two climbing, the young man waits for the next elevator.

He stays behind, for a moment she turns her back to her head and shuts her head down. The violent clawed to her, pulled the floor and pulled the phone up and looked through her pockets. In the wallet that was in his hand, his hands wandered and disappeared. But soon the policemen are caught.

CMS. Lunisena Pratan and spokesman IPJ Alba"The police continued to investigate, and the night's shuttle was shifted again, after seeing the photographs seized in the surveillance cameras in a Block in Alba, found that it was a robbery.

The 33-year-old man from Al Auliya is suspected of trying to identify the person. He is the one who has been convicted of rape and robbery in the past.

A 20-year-old man was rushed to a hospital. Then the memorial is missing.

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Buckareres album album<! – Buckareres album album ->

Pimitzer Prize winner Cimur Hersh

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