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What's happening to Rossi's Boss in Tokyo? The French president reacted


Renault's Nissan Mitsubishi Motor's General Manager Carlos Ghosean was arrested in Tokyo on Monday. NHK reports Japan's manufacturer Nisan Motor Co, reports AFP.

"The prosecutor's office suspects Carlos Gosnann's violation of economic law"Appropriately, NHK argues Agresses.

This information was confirmed by the Yompuri newspaper.

Japanese car manufacturer Nisan Motor Co. press conference was held in Tokyo's capital, Yokohama. Director of Board of Directors, Carlos Gosen,For years "The real value is the following tax revenue.

According to the results of a domestic inquiry, "Other disorders have been found for the personal needs of the company's assets""We will direct company board of directors to dissolve Carlos Josen," he said "As soon as possible".

During the search, he informed the prosecutors.

French car makers Rinoul's shares fell 5% Thursday. 10.30 per cent local time (9:30 GMT) at the Paris Stock Exchange. Renault is trading at 61.40 Euros with a market share of 0.55%.

What's Renault used? Emmanuel MacRonn's response

France is trying to maintain Renault's stability and maintain its alliance with Nissan, following the allegations that Nissan's car manufacturer Carlos Gosnn had violated financial laws.

"While it is too early to comment on the authenticity of the allegations, I still do not have much information, but as a stock owner (Renault), the French government will continue to be very cautious about the stability of the RNO group and the employees, enjoying the full support of the state", Emmanuel McConnell, at the joint conference of Brazilian Prime Minister Charles Michael, Brazil.

Renault holds 43.4% stake in Nissan, with a French company holding a 15% stake.

In June this year, Renault's annual public meeting, approved by Carlos Gos by June 2013, was worth 56 per cent of Ghosn's $ 7.4 million last year. Carlos José has been granted € 9.2 million by the President of Nissan.

The 64-year-old French Brazilian Carlos Gossan arrived in Tokyo in the spring of 1999 and tried to mock the helplessness to create a partnership with the Renault. In April 2017, he retired as the General Manager of Japanese automaker, but retained as board chairman. Carlos Gosnann was paid the prize on April 7, 2016. 1.1 billion yen (8.8 million euros).

In 2005, Carlos Ghosean, a member of the French Renault Group, earned a stake in the stock partner confidence. Carlos Gosnan has succeeded in achieving the achievements achieved by Renault and Japanese partner Nisash. "A leader is the first and foremost to create a performance ", Said Carlos Goslan.

Renault Nissan Alliance, the world's largest automaker, has become the world's largest carmaker by 2016, including Mitsubishi. Last year, 10.6 million units were sold.

Under the leadership of Carlos Ghose, the Renault Nissan alliance is economically united. This is the first group to invest continuously in electric cars. Renoult, who has started investing in electric cars, has continued its recent competition after the recent nuclear deal, so the market is in the hands.

Renault Nisan Mitsubishi Motors Chief Executive Officer, President General of Renau, Nissan President and Mitsubishi President Carlos Gosnin are the main voters. Ghosn has managed to integrate administrative systems in a different way that respect the cultural differences. Thus the alliance is able to bring all kinds of economic possibilities that could be compatible with the integrated society.

Currently, 10 car brands including Dania, Lada, Samsung Motors, Alpine, Infinity, and Datsun. There are 470,000 employees and 122 factories in this continent.

However, the cross-participation and operation of this complex group based on majority participation suspects the post-Chopin period of embolism.

& # 39; Care Killer & # 39; Is known for making it the most profitable companies in the world. This Franco-Libianan traveled around the world from all over Brazil. Relations between countries such as Brazil, Lebanon, France, the United States and Japan have become a multilingual state that can speed from one culture to another.

Michelle started his career as a polytechnic graduate, a four-year-old daughter from a Lebanese family, who was born in Brazil. In 1996, General Manager Luis Schwyzzer recruited him to Rinaldo.

In 1999, Rinalt Dassiya took over. Relaunching in Lagaan in 2004. Dassia became one of the most powerful players in the European car market.

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