Wednesday , September 28 2022

Well-known names reach the palace hall for Hitler's dual power


In this way, we invite you to see statements by video artists:

The doors will open from 18.30.

The tickets for "Duelul Hiturilor" are available at the following prices:

Catchers I-349 Lee


Catters III – 149 Lee

Caterers IV – 99 Lee

Buy ticket from!

Voice Soloist, writer, songwriter, anchor, moderator and showman, Ricky Dandel, is one of the most popular siblings. "I can not, I prayamakumilla, I'm 15 vayas'seyullu, it is an ulcer, I do not think a drug pravarttippikkumenn my heart to do the music. It gives me some special experiences, people understand it, the audience kathakalal catikkanakilla, they are baseless you sariyanenkilea satyasandhananenkilea Is, "said Ricky Dandong.

BNN was in last year's South Africa tour. Over 100 music programs were presented in Belgium and the Netherlands. In 2017, when they arrived in Greece, he brought 750 fans to a notable concert. Unfortunately, this year there will be a last show at the Bucharest.

George Baker successfully executed George Baker, the founder of the selected Dutch team. Hit "A Paloma Blanca" hit. BSN George Baker is a musical composer of several favorite plays. We'll learn from George Baker, how fast are those songs!

Francesco Napoli who created history through Hitler's Dow with "Marina", "Mambo" or "Ballah Ballah". Francesco Napoli is the real cinema of all concerts. He is not just a musician, but also an exhibitor. Francesco Napoli likes his audience, and all these qualities are dear to him!

Ninge in Romania! Last warning from weather scientists!

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