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"We can not eat, we can not walk, the rats are walking around us" »Leadership Response


Article – Sergey Alexandru Thursday, November 15, 14:26

Snowgrove sport The club is the second player in the league. But in the club it is very difficult.

The GSP- Lasalle Bilted players refused to be trained yesterday. She left for 10 minutes in the field and went to the locker room. The fact that the football leadership is unfit is unacceptable and they do not pay the money. The final salary of the football players is in August.

"There are mice on the table! The fourth league terms"

GSP.RO said a lot of sounds in the team about the situation in the club for a club promotion. "We have not paid for months. We need leadership to get the money. We ask, "This has been solved, it has been fixed." There are families to keep us, that's very hard. We need to do something that we need to know.

We have a fourth league situation. We can not eat because the rat happens through us. Today, we were recovering after training. We came to know that we had a beer drink. We argued why we put the handkerchief on the floor and put on the floor.

In the locker room we are a bunch of groups. The instructor will inspire us to do all we can to win all the matches. But even those who take the lead do not come to us. It asks us when it's fixed, but we have not told us anything. The first one is up to date, but I know someone else will be rewarded, "the players said for the Gazta Sport.

"We will solve problems"

Kathleen Rufa, president of the Sportlagalagogue team, spoke with the GSPRO about the condition of the club. He will solve the problems.

"J.The devotees had to raise money 31, and I delayed the fortnight. There was a shortage of liquidity. But the problem will be solved. Players can not be given.

The club is good. Players live in a 4-star hotel. I do not know about the mouse. But we will fix it as soon as possible. Players have decided on the start of the season and are eating at the club. If that's true, we move them to the restaurant. We will solve all the problems, everything will be fine. We are not from city hall to make money anytime"Said Cătălin Rufă.

Coach Laso Balind did not respond to this stand in connection with GSP.RO. It was a focus on the game against Cluj. But it's a very difficult task, "he said.

During the winter of the winter, during the winter of the Wimbledon, Wimbledon held a discussion on the removal of the team.

  • Snegov is in the second place with 36 points and plays at 11 o'clock on Sunday. Yu Kleiq is fourth with 33 points.
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