Tuesday , September 27 2022

UPDATE Live text. The fire broke out? EXPLOSIVE Session has been announced. Which is Agal Decco? Breaking news


Gabriella Fiey said that criticizing Livig Dragnea's leadership style. Furthermore, Booker Street mayor said that if Livia Drugni or any other member finds a culprit in the party alone, they resign.

Gabriela Fear Dragnae has come up with new allegations. They had called for socialist leader Liviu D'Aguada to jointly call the mayors of the region. Budget corrections and budgets for the next year were discussed, and the Mayor was inviting without approval. "I want to be invited to that meeting," Mayor of General of Doctor of Buteur,

Gabriella Fiera says that there is no need to avoid the control of the Social Democratic Party.

"I have read the brown brown. A lekhanavumilla stating that a member may not support incarcerated incarcerated. What it has to say. Now it depends on what the article read. If I had one text or pidinekkuricc Interoperability (insult), I had resigned myself. I la The allegations raised about the leadership of Ken draveniyayute. I will not deny any of the members or in the form of pravarttakareyea pi.es.pi. PDP, "the mayor said.

The PSP's National Permanent Bureau met on Monday at 11.30 am. The PSL leadership discusses the new ministerial level discussion for education. Because the Interim Rowan Prump will expire today, replace Victor Negreux who has resigned from the European Union.

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