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CANCAN.RO, site no. In Romania 1, I present to you the most, because of the three signs caused by Florian Bussue on Tuesday evening. PRO PRO Cause of Cigarettes The star has arrived at the hospital and the doctor's fate is more questionable than the pictures. (Pick up your dress car in a few months!)

On Tuesday evening, Florin Buzzoo lost three disasters after an exhibition at Olivia Filhrormon in Creio. A SUUWW team reached the scene. He redefined 40 for good acting. He was rushed to a hospital.

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Emergency hospital at Craiova, Florida, had been hospitalized by Paul Tuscany and Uugen Tyranne. PRO stuck a stunt on TV. Subsequently, the actor decided to take a SUUUVR helicopter to the bureau. On Wednesday afternoon, the plane landed at the Morris Fire Detachment, the capital. Elisaku Hospital, Fundney Hospital. (Engage and get $ 10,000 a month!)

Smoke, main culprit

Medical reports say excessive smokers were brought to Florida buses in this situation. A TV The TV Star is a smoker. This is the testimony of pictures CANCAN.RO, site no. 1 from RomaniaIn the last period.

As you can see, coconuts are "weaned" before floruen bussoo has three nerves. Smoking is the only enslavement. Ultimately the hospital was brought to bed. A TV TV Starc can not be separated from cigarettes!

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Florin Buzzoo was smoking at every opportunity to smoke without considering whether he was his family or friends. Smoking along with television and theaters is one of his feelings. Priyanka plays a big role in the daily cigarette. (Best Videogame Studio in Bookert)

Claims that the most important risk of tobacco use is heart disease. Especially smoking is one of the most important factors in the form of heart attack.

Smoking, due to fluoon bushes caused three diseases

Doctors call home

Incredible information about Florin Buzwick is revealed. Following three followers after a shock at Craiova. One of the two doctors who escaped into an operating room, Uugen Thierren, lives there. No hospitals, because he is unemployed. (Not Regarded: Photographic Imagery, Bracelets, Brochures, Jacob, with Florian Business in Kraiova Senen)

Immediately, he performed surgery on the surgery room and was undergoing a surgery with two young doctors Eugen Taryanu and Paul Traskie. Doctor of the Department of Cardiology at Creio Emergency attempted to intervene.

The first of the doctors lives there. At age 30, the emergency man came from Zeroan and agreed to enter the surgical room with the experienced Dr Paul Tresa. The intervention lasted for 10 minutes, there was no problem. (Video Chat Studio Bureaucracy offers a guaranteed salary!)

Resident Doctor Eugen Denaen, who worked with Florin Busuic

In 1996, Florin Buzzoo made his debut on television

Floren Busuzzi was born on May 19, 1962 in Hunedara. He has grown here, and in the village of Schmömist, in Nemat County. An artist is more interested than an actor. Even though the actor's dream has come to bikerate. In 1996, he made his television debut "Busu". In 2010, the European Society of Meteorology was selected as one of the best weather forecasts.

"We started with the TRR as "Tip-Top MinuteTo" in connection with the children's display. I made a hotel for the movie TRR. Very good picture. The producers of tip-top mintops listened to me and suggested it to do so. It took a few years for the show. There we introduced parallel programs for the children on TRR. The show continued after I left"TV anchor for said.

FLORIN BUSUIOC INFRASTRUCTURE: "We are awaiting Ekran") Here is the picture: Andra's response

Now Florin Busuoi is in second marriage. For many years he has been married. With Liliana, she has two daughters: Natyal and Katni. His first wife Marita Bussooi, who joined him from 1991 to 2008, was presented with a boy. It is called Florin Busuoic Junior.

Smoking killed Ily Balaji

On October 21, Eli Balzi died. The death was a major cause of heart attack. He was 62 years old. The previous glory of Creaeo University, like the Fryerine Buszuki, is a great remedy like cigarettes. Just a few hours before the last breath, I spent the morning in the club on "The Blonde Wonder" Bunny.

"That night he pulled down at least three cigarettes, that is, more than 60 cigarettes", said a source at

Elijah was the only vice-missed waiter in smoke.

Like Florian Busuć, Eli Balzi smoked smoking for smoking

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