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The first symptoms of pneumonia are REALITY .NET


Pneumonia symptoms

Pneumonia symptoms

Pneumonia symptoms. A serious condition for many infected sufferers, particularly those with bacteria and pneumonia, especially children and people with low immunity.

Pneumonia symptoms. Pneumonia is the inflammation of the lungs due to many micro-organisms (bacterial and viral infections). This disease develops as it develops blood vessels into the lungs. Or the vowel particles in the lungs are welcomed. This illness is likely to be so fragile. "It is usually a harsh phenomenon that requires pancreas and a careful medical supervision to prevent complications because of the immune system," quoted Dr. John Snowesesus says.

There are many norms to separate pneumonia.

The pathogen causes bacteria, viral, fungal and paroxic pneumonia. When they appear, pneumonia (community, service, kindergarten) or noskomial (contract in hospitals).

Bacterial pneumoniaOne of the most common pneumonios bacteria is hemophilous influenza, staphylococcus aureas, streptococcus pneumonia (pneumococcus).

Preventing Pneumococcal pneumonia can be prevented by antibiotic vaccine for adults and adults. Bacterial infections (Mayoregoma pneumonia, chamomedia pneumonia).

Viral pneumonia. Half the number of people suffering from pneumonia is caused by a virus that produces cold or fever (such as reinvirus and coronaviruses). Pregnant women and those with various ailments (heart diseases, respiratory).

The Nicki hospital, which was admitted to the hospital in the intensive care unit, was admitted to hospital. Some therapeutic laws are more difficult to need.

The phrase is pneumonia A foreign body happens to breathe into the inner tree.

Pneumonia symptoms. Accidental

Children with pneumonia-borne diseases (who have twice the risk of smoking in the smoking environment), elderly, recessive disease (bronchial asthma, CODD), and immunosuppressive immune response or immunosuppressive drugs. People with respiratory infections (cold, swine), smokers and health workers are likely to become ill.

The fever immediately raised the fever

Pneumonia's expressions differ seriously from the media, in terms of infections, the age and personality of the individual.

Symptoms of warm drought, non-shoots, high expectations, excessive pain, headache, muscle pain and breathing are all symptoms.

If the temperature is above 40 ° C, the pulp should be approached immediately and quickly.

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