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The first response to the one who attacked a girl in the albums of Julia Julia. And his violent past


A rare offensive created by Alba Imaia is shocking and public opinion. A 33-year-old resident followed a young woman in a block of block. Then he was brutally beaten and stolen.

The boyfriend caught him very quickly, he made black marks. It is highly unlikely that this release has been released under the Gross Compoundary Complementary Act. Until this happens, one has agreed to go back to the streets among unsafe people.

On Tuesday, the Alfa Iliai court had been detained for 30 days.

The scene of the attack is scary. A man came out of the jungle at a block in Al Julia. The bags in both hands lead them to the elevator. A 20-year-old man decides to wait. Her gesture is a gesture for her life.

She saw the cellphone and ignored it from the back. The attacker utilizes this situation and struggles with intense cruelties. Thus, face collapses in unconsciousness. The falls fell into the fallen floor and captured the phone. In the wallet that was in his hand, his hands wandered and disappeared.

Eona Stan girl lover: "She came to me, and I saw that he was not coming, an hour later, his friend asked me to ask himself if he had come and told him that he did not say something had happened."

On seeing the pictures, the police seized the violent. Nicholas Tiberi Drugoyi is a rich with a rich history of violent actions.

"Reporter: Why did you hit Hit? Would you wait alone?
Suspect: who?
Reporter: girl.
Doubt: I do not know anything, the policemen came to my house, I thought I had a posture, I did not know, did I ever catch it, and how did it bring me here to know me? "

After a while, when he saw the evidence in front of him, he accepted the facts.

His prey, hard hit, shock and memory problems, are underlined today.

Representatives in Alba Eulia Hospital say that some snippets of the girl start to remind, but headaches.

"The treatment will continue to be monitored by neurologists until their symptoms disappear, and neurologists consider that their health is not at risk, now the patient is stable and positive in proliferation, according to the news from SLU Alba.

It is worth noting that now the person who can kill her is now released in prison under the Compensation Law. His past also did not look for freedom.

Two more errors in 2012 were released from prison, one in Greece, another in Romania, another for rapes, for robbery, and for illegal driving and 11 years imprisonment.

In the first attack, a pit tried to raid the taxi, but failed, and finally the woman's car was let off. Before going to the car and getting out of drowsiness.

On the way, he wanted to rape a man who tried to get on with him. Resistance was resistant and put her hand in her hand. When fear of consequences, he fled from Greece in that night.

There, Nicolai Tiberi Dagoyi had a cover of the third party. He also stolen his money from the bag and two mobile phones. Finally, it was captured and transferred to Romanian authorities a year later.

Psychologists say that such behavior can be hard. In addition, the Romanian Penitentiaries have no trained professionals we need.

Initially, after doing all the work, you should be on the back of Dragogi Bar until 2021. But for two months he became independent under the Componentary Competition Law.

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