Wednesday , February 8 2023

The first images of the BMW M8 cover in the future are: VH engine has 600 HP and full MX


BMW has published the first images and details in the future of M8. The performance model will be introduced in 2019, and the V8 engine will sell 600 "graphpower". Full M xDrive traction is part of the "package" prepared by the Germans.

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BMW introduced the BMW M8 GTX at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2017. A race model designed for endurance race. A few months later, the Germans presented production versions of eight series cables. A few days ago I became familiar with the 8 Series Convertible.

Now, the German manufacturer made the first M8 chip. Estrador takes photos at the circuit at the circuit and this model is a signal to the development.

8 series coupons have been carefully revised, so the future M8 coupon offers a more dynamic character. Inspired by the M8 GTE circuit version, the German engineers created a range of suspension improvements, the M8 coupon developed on the spectacular circuit performance. According to the driver's interest, Adaptive Suspension offers three settings: Comfort, Sport and Sports Plus. The M-8 coupling has two steering steering systems: Comfort and Sport.

Standard, the new M8 Cups One disc braking system provides a front 395 mm diameter and 380mm rear to the rear. Customers can choose the carbon-ceramic mc disks in the front with 400 mm diameter.

Still, Germany offers 19-inch wheels, but optional customers can choose a 20-inch "footwear" with UHP tires (Ultra High-Performance).

The BMW 8 M8 coupon has been released on a "600 horsepower". German Builder officials have not announced Engine Tork, but it produces almost V8, 750 NM (value developed in the M5 and M5 competitors). The petrol engine resources are handled by A8 speed automatic striptronic Directional and full MX Dive Traction System. The driver provides many mile moling systems according to wishes.

The new M8 coupled like the M5 will always remain in 4×4 mode. However, the character will be on top of the rear axle. DSC (Dynamic Stabitity Control) is initially active, which means that the Army of Cedar and Stable Storage Systems. The DSC system can be fixed at three levels: 4WD, 4WD Sport and 2WD.

The new M8 Cube will be launched in 2018. Engineers and designers are working on the engine conversion and the M8 gran coupled.

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