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(Photo) Want to win a new section? The new idea comes in Geneva in Geneva on the I.D. Test

Volkswagen decided to bring back a legend! In early March, the company at Wolfsburg will unveil the first full power version of the new Buggy.

Take features from the popular vehicles used for recreational use on the beaches or sand deserts of the 60-70 era, built on the concept of new vehicle New MEB platform Electromobiles design, and how new architecture wanted to showcase plenty.

The idea of ​​a complete electric bag is based on historical predecessors found in their home in California. At that time, the beat was founded on the basis of chassis, but now prove to be as flexible as MEB. As the original design is dedicated, the bug renaming does not have a fixed roof or conventional doors, and off-road tires open the side view to the overall view.

"A baggage is not just a car, it's an energy and energy of four wheels, and these attributes are incorporated in the new I.D, how the buggy interprets modern and retro classics, and the emotional connection that creates electric motions anywhere else," says Volkswagen chief designer Claus Bischoff.

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The new concept is that not just for large-scale production, but also for different types of electric platforms. As the previous slum in the Beat, the Member has the ability to develop a limited range of advanced sequences.

Voltswagen's recreational vehicles and technology existed for a long time: Beat conventible cars, companies such as Hebmeller and Romeshc, have been making special solutions for specifications made of Mayamaz Mans Buggi designs, Beatles Chassis creativity and occasional decades. Globally, 250,000 individual vehicles were built into a single or very small blood circulation until 1980.

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In December of last year, there were rumors that Volkswagen AG was likely to start a car in another car. The company is currently studying the market potential of the market, and the company is examining the customer's response to understand whether or not to do this.

In 2011, Vigbenesis Buggy Up Concept was introduced in Frankfurt Motor Show. Showroom was built on a small rooftop platform. The wheels with 18 inches wheel were preserved. Interior panels and controls are protected from moisture and sand.

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