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Next week, the general strike on the subway will block Boekeston



Strike on the subway<! – Strike on the subway ->

The Gabriela Fire Department will encourage the Ministry to find urgent solutions to resolve the collective job struggles of Metrorex employees. The strike that was announced next week was canceled.

PMB According to a report on Sunday, the trade unions and state authorities demand mayor responsibilities to take immediate action to solve possible problems.

I require the responsibility and professionalism of the urgent identification of representatives of the Ministry of Transport. So the public strike from the subway will be canceled, and such a program will seriously affect the lives of the citizens of Bukhara. "

In the meeting they said they had transport ministers and groups working in the meeting of mobility experts. Asked the metro to shift to the city hall. Thus investing in the municipality is "a modern, integrated and efficient public transportation system in all European cities."

"But, as in the case of the century, decided that the public interest would be able to provide sambhavikkatirikkanulla circumstances parisramannaluntenkilum City Hall, the city's urban and sustainable urban mobility plan (pi'endi'idi) specified by the City Hall of the capital Metro Transformation, EBRD experts to coordinate under a strategic It will need to transfer records marunnuntenkil radhana. We want to invest in citizen security and comfort of a billion people use the subway every day, "says Fia.

The mayor said it was not "legal" to intervene in the fight. However, if the Metro staff decides to strike, the former RDB in the city hall through STB will take steps to ensure the maximum level of public transport.

"The bukerest transport company will take the vehicles available on the track and this amount will be kept up to peak hours till the restoration time of the Metro network," PMb said.

Underground workers trade union (USLM) has announced a strike on Wednesday, November 21, between 4.00 am and 4.00 pm without the problems of workers.

The Metro train did not operate between 4.00 am and 6.00 am on Thursdays.

Strike on the subway<! – Strike on the subway ->

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