Friday , March 24 2023

Mirza Lucius's last announcement about his future in Turkey's bench


Turkey lost to Turkey 1-0 on their own against Sweden The final match of the league of nations was eliminated from the C League, and the national team led by Mircea Lucius will have to play a match in Ukraine with Ukraine in 2018.

Mirza Lucius's last hour announcement

Journalist Daniel Naun says, Mirza Lucius will decide whether or not to continue with Federal Reserve's Federal Reserve Bank after that tournament.

Tuesday played friendly matches against Ukraine. I will try other young players. If we decide to paint this friendly, I will do it "

Mirza Lusuke was the first representative of the World Cup football tournament in Russia. But he is not eligible. If the team can not be counted as a result of the preliminary measures of 2018, the League of Nations is disappointing that the team is already in a difficult position to come.

Screwer after split in back

Turkey won a third place in a group that included Russia and Sweden. The only competitors from 3-2 away from Sweden have achieved a single victory, but he has come with great passion for a long time. Otherwise Turkey lost to two matches.

The 73-year-old coach was strained by his departure from the branch in 2016. Zenit's Bank became the champions of the Russian Super Cup, with Turkish nationalism much less than he expected.

In comparison, Shethere, Michalus Lucsek, conquered 22 League victories, including the last UEFA Cup in the history of 2009.

The bench of the Tours has four wins, five draws, and seven failures. 17 goals were scored and 25 were fewer. Finally, Lucesco trained in the Romania 1999/00 season in Romania.

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