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Live Text: 2020 Parliamentary Election Ballot Boxes Open: 18 Millionaires Romania Today Elects Senators and Deputies


The 2020 parliamentary elections began in the diaspora on Friday evening, but the ballot boxes opened in Romania at 7.00 on Sunday. More than 18 million Romanians are expected to elect their senators and deputies.

Parliamentary Elections 2020 December 6. Romania’s parliamentary elections begin at 7 p.m. By 21:00, when voting ends and the first results are announced, more than 18 million eligible Romanians will be able to elect their senators and deputies.

Local elections 2020 – Live Text

10:00 – Voting in the country, 10.00

According to the Central Election Commission (BEC), 909,647 voters cast their ballots in the parliamentary elections on Sunday, up from 4.97 per cent at 10.00 am.

513,063 voters went to the polls in urban areas and 391,584 in rural areas.

1,046 voters cast their ballots using the mobile ballot box.

The turnout in the country was 5.27% till 10.00 am in the 2016 parliamentary elections.

9:20 – In the parliamentary elections, Claus Iohanis votes: “We have a historic opportunity to elect a better parliament.”

After voting in the parliamentary elections, President Claus Iohanis said on Sunday, “We have a historic opportunity to choose the best parliament to deal with the problems of the Romanians.”

Klose Eohanis said it was important to go to the polls.

“Today is a very important day. We have a historic opportunity to elect a better parliament, a parliament that deals with the problems of the Romanians and a parliament that makes good laws for Romania. It is very important to go to the polls, the election will not be won, the election will be won, in the meantime it is very clear, every vote counts. Dear Romanians, It is very important today, please go to the polls! ”, Handed over to the President after the voting.

8:50 – Marcel Ciolaku (PSD): I voted for the Romanians to take their lives back, and against incompetence and indifference

Social Democratic Party (PSD) President Marcel Ciolaku announced after voting out Sunday morning that he had voted “for the Romanians to get their lives back” and against “incompetence and indifference.”

“I voted today for the Romanians to get their lives back. I voted today for a specialist with a plan for tomorrow and for those who can deal with epidemics and the financial crisis. I voted for those in need of pensions and allowances. I also voted for the Romanian companies, and I urge all Romanians to come to the polls today., Said Marcel Ziolak.

8:45 – Monica Anise: I voted for a modern Romania

Education and Research Minister Monica Aeneas announced on Sunday that she had voted for a modern Romania and urged voters to go to the polls.

“I went to the polls early in the morning to vote for a modern Romania and an educated Romania, and I invite all Romanian citizens to exercise their fundamental right, that is, the right to vote.” I hope all citizens will go to the polls today. “ The minister said.

The organized school number was voted by Monica Aneesi. 46 from Sector 2.

8:40 – Ludovic Orban “voted for a dynamic and modern Romania and is confident in its power”

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban voted in General School No. 1 in Dobrosti, Ilfov County.

The list of the Chief Executive National Liberal Party opens in the Chamber of Deputies in Bucharest.

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban has declared that he has voted for the development of Romania, declaring that he has voted for the development of Romania, and that Romania, a dynamic and modern country, is confident in its strengths and should be respected internationally. He appealed to the people to go to the polls, according to

8:30 – Gabriela Fire: I vote for a parliamentary majority to bring the government formula with specialists

Former mayor of the capital Gabriela Firera voted at Grevia Technical College in Bucharest at 07.00.

“I voted with the mindset of the parliamentary majority, specialists, talented, to bring a government formula for Romania to fully manage the health crisis, find solutions for all Romanians and examine the population. “I voted for a majority in parliament to lay the groundwork for the government formula and to reopen schools, markets, horeka and theaters. I urge the government to respect the legislation in force in the new parliament.” Fire said after the vote.

8:00 – Voting time 08:00

According to AEP, 08.00 polling in the country is 1.24%.

So far, 225,000 Romanians have voted in the country.

7:50 – Strict adherence to hygiene standards and election day

More than 18,800 sections have been established in the country, where strict laws on hygiene and social distance are enforced.

Ballot bags, gloves, protective masks and disinfectant bottles arrived at polling stations across the country. In Timisoara, for example, authorities used municipal buses.

Liliana One, Timmy’s Prefect: “I can assure the citizens of Timik County that the vote is safe and that they can move with confidence to exercise their right to vote, and that sanitation and social distance will be respected.”

All polling stations will be disinfected and all voters will have their temperature checked. No more than 5 people are allowed in the room at the same time, and there must be separate entry and exit circuits everywhere, as in local elections. People with disabilities, such as the elderly, the disabled or pregnant women, can vote with preference.

Mirzia Prietescu, BEC spokeswoman: Voters who were at the polling station at 9 pm on December 6 can exercise their right to vote by entering the polling station outside the polling station headquarters. After 23.59 ”.

Unlike the presidential election, you can only vote in the country of your residence or residence visa. Likewise, mobile urn can be used within the same country if they are requested by isolated or prohibited persons. You will receive two ballots, one for the Chamber of Deputies and one for the Senate. “

When you go to the polls, do not forget three essential things: your ID, face mask, and perhaps your own pen. You will need to disinfect your hands at the entrance to the section, as well as exit. Also, as long as you wait in line, keep a distance of at least one meter from the others.

Polling stations will open at 7 a.m. and close at 9 p.m.

07:00 – Ballot boxes opened across the country. It is expected that 19,004,986 eligible citizens will vote for their senators and deputies in elections held in special circumstances of the epidemic. More than 7,000 politicians are vying for Romanian votes.

By their vote, the Romanians would give the elected people the power to make new laws and to change old laws. Decision making power for the health, education, welfare and security of all.

The government has decided to ease traffic restrictions imposed by Pandemic on election day. So, today, we can only move from 5am to 1pm without statements about our own responsibility. Be careful though! This measure does not apply to those in solitary confinement or quarantine, and they can only vote if a mobile ballot box is requested.

It is a day that is repeated only once every four years, and Romanians have 14 hours to make decisions.

Which party will you vote for in the 2020 Parliamentary Elections?

If you are not sure which polling station you are in for the parliamentary election, you can check here.

In the December 6 parliamentary elections, voters cast their ballots only at the polling station where the street or area where they live is located. On polling day, if voters are in another administrative-territorial unit in the same constituency, they may vote at any polling station within the constituency in which they reside or reside.

Map of candidates for the 2020 parliamentary elections presents lists of all candidates 2020 Parliamentary Elections From each country.

When the first results of the 2020 parliamentary elections are announced

The first results of the 2020 parliamentary elections will be announced on Sunday, December 6 at 21:00, the end of voting and the publication of exit poll data.

The Central Election Commission (CEC) has approved four institutions and companies to conduct opinion polls in the run-up to Sunday’s parliamentary elections.

Thus, the Avangard Socio-Behavioral Studies Group and the Center for Urban and Regional Sociology – Course will conduct exit polls at the national level.

Agarpress reports that SC Megatronic World Productions SRL, Ana Events and PR SRL have also been recognized for conducting national opinion polls.

What special rules must be followed in parliamentary elections

Polling stations will follow special rules, as happened in local elections.

Voters also need to abide by a number of protection laws designed to protect us from Kovid-19 infection, but allow us to exercise our basic voting right. For example, wearing a face mask is mandatory. In addition, it is necessary to make sure that hands, pens and polling stations are disinfected and that the temperature of the voters at the entrance of the polling station is measured. In addition, a maximum of five voters will be present in each category at the same time.

How much was the turnout in the last parliamentary election?

In the December 11, 2016 parliamentary elections, 7,323,368 voters went to the polls. 7,047,384 valid votes were cast for the Chamber of Deputies and 7,052,966 for the Senate.

Nationally, the turnout in 2016 was 39.49%.

In the last parliamentary elections, the highest turnout was 47.16%, Teleorman – 46.29% and Dolge – 45.06%. 31.62% The lowest turnout was in Maramure County. It is 32.90 percent in Waslui County and 34.40 percent in Iasi.

In Bucharest, the turnout was 41.61% in the 2016 parliamentary elections.

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