Wednesday , March 22 2023

DSP Iaşi gains excessive consumption of antibiotics


In recent years, the ICC's Public Health Department has been focusing on increasing the use of drugs.

They threaten the effectiveness of drugs caused by diseases like bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungal diseases.

A few weeks ago, doctors at the St. Parcesa Infectious Disease Hospital questioned this phenomenon in Yashis. Family doctors and dentists should not advise drugs before proper analysis or approach the infection.

Doctors argue that the major problems faced by excess antibiotic consumption are healthier and healthier, since many viruses have come to the fore with considerable treatment and financial behavior. Often the cost for strong antibiotics is high.

"As an example of gravity, 490,000 people in 4906 have eliminated the forms of multi-faceted tuberculosis, and start to complicate the fight against HIV and malaria against vaccines and defensive drugs. In 2011-2016, the use of total antibiotic use in Romania is high in European context Mainly because of benzene antibiotics, including pensilins: a third of the European average, "the report quotes.

The European Parliament made a few years ago in the European spacecraft. Approximately one-third of people used water antibiotics during the 12-month period.

People are aware of the same percentage of people who abuse antibiotics. The European Day for Antibiotics Information Day (EIIA) recently celebrated the "silent tsunami" that threatens public health.

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