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Deliya, along with Hall, Mother, sister, and nephew in the palace


The concert, which started on 20.30, was delivered to Delia after the first songs. Her husband was in love with Rasan Munanian.

Secondly, pregnant Olon sang "The Great Who Is Great To Me" is like a young man. Ona is part of the baking vocals of Delia.

After that moment, the mother of two soloists and his grandson alike, Jessica (daughter of Ona) a year later. The young man wearing earphones, making noise, and heedlessness.

As soon as her mother and son-in-law arrived, she started talking about pregnancy. "You're so sorry, today, tomorrow, who knows," Solitus said.

Nick N & D was one of the special invitations in Deli. He wrote history from 1999 to 2007. The two of them are well known songs to sing, complete the hall and make a special moment.

He liked his "cow" for a colleague in Ballet, Flavia Mihassan, who was in charge of Maria Moltova, a dancer.

Dalia always spoke to the audience in the room, suggested them to dance and dance.

He also welcomed the audience of Dan Bitman at the auditorium. In the song "Your mouth", as the real circus number, Solankan built the acrobatics above 6-7 meters above the ground.

Another special guest, Grass XXL, was released by Delibu. It was popular. Delivefully requested to open the lanterns in the song "Which Mother and I Am Disliked", and the Palace Hall was filled.

Ekadaliya show presentation adrari tapikyukk said: "I do not understand some of the different decorative elements cakrannalilulla can combine in different forms. We have started to work ideas and design the layout of the month of April." 10 High-Power lasar machines, the 130 square meter screen and a level of more than 300 devices, plus N healeagraphik Preajaktukaliluntayirunnu reign.

Delia had a magic: she went to a box and "disappeared", removed from the stage after the box was returned.

We do not forget the French from "Iumer", the opening of the evening, the many jokes, the characters in the stage, and some of the walking walks. In the play "Ekadel", there were such dramatic dances in the song's lyrics: "We love stomach pain without a diarrhea, and we love the most hungry hunger in life."

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