Tuesday , March 28 2023

Delia Launches New Piece Akalialia Launches Long-awaited Music Styles at Salala Palalului – Star Gazette Magazine


The use of sugar is very good. But in the autumn there is no restriction on the Akadia menu: Ariyne, Raspberry Jam, and some facts that Delya will have the most enthusiastic exhibition at the Palace Hall on 14th, 15th and 16th, so lollies will have an unforgettable experience. Just before showing up the series of Akadadia, the artist begins a new piece, including the following: "ACADES".
Half a ton sugar was used for shooting "ades". From which sugar is bathed and filled with multinolored balls. Besides 500 kg of sugar, 10 kg mixture, 15 kg Marshmallows, 20 kg candies, 30 kg cake, 100 cupcakes and 150 lappops were used. A brief preview of what will happen in Salala Paluulli performance in November is "acadali". The academy is the right choice for those who want to see a sweet and colorful show.
There is an acoustic show on November 16th. So, if you do not see the busiest show, you can buy tickets on November 14 and 15. The VIP ticket category will also benefit from special admission, especially food, drink, special activities and good bags. At the same time, there is the option to buy tickets and get Deliniac greetings. Access to Access & Salvage Concerto on Delia Mutual has special expenditure. In addition to the meeting, buyers from this price category will also get vending goods from Akadadia.
Acadia is a showcase that Dealia performs more than an hour in a day. For those who become a part of this legend that Artist and his group have presented, it is an incredible experience. Dealia's director Adrian Tapkuq, an awesome multifunction disorient, a large ballot band, amazing, 10 high-power laser machines, 130 square meters screen, 300 intelligent light, dozens of special dresses, make-ups, dancing and sweet many elements of academic stories. The song "Adams" is sung at the beginning of the show, but it is not an audience: "Who is the Great Man"? Delya is a complete moment of his compositions (music and songwriting), and the people in the room will understand exactly what this means.
Although sweeps and colors can be more productive than a country, a show of the whole family, amazing and strong emotions, is capable of producing memorable moments. Since organizers are not able to jump from the program prepared, it will be a sweet show and a sweet show.

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