Tuesday , March 28 2023

CEC Bank: Top news for all Romanians


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CEC Bank The official news officially announced to all Romanians from different parts of the country comes a week after the biggest changes made by the Romanian Bank, and it is good to know about this. I told you a week ago that CEC Bank has done an extensive upgrade of its internet banking systems, launching a website bank with a completely new interface, but these are not the only improvements.

CEC Bank Published a new message for clients across Romania, and discusses a series of very important news aimed at everyone, as they come with many changes to meet people’s expectations. CEC Bank notifies clients from different parts of the country about the new functionality of their Internet Banking application, which allows them to open foreign currency accounts quickly and easily.

CEC Bank: Announces important news for all Romanians

CEC Bank In the same internet banking application, it says that customers will enjoy more favorable exchange rates than its branches and that the bank is raising trading limits. Here we are talking about a complement to what CEC Bank has so far offered to users of mobile applications, so it should be offered right now, even at the CEC online home on computers.

CEC Bank Banka also announces that it has taken over a position offered by Transylvania for some time, more precisely its clients may ask other clients to pay a certain amount. There has been a similar functionality in the BT Pay app for a long time and now it is being offered to CEC Bank customers and we are happy to have this functionality available from now on.

CEC Bank It now offers a better user experience for its internet banking application, so a lot of people should enjoy these great changes now.

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