Tuesday , March 21 2023

Cancer Therapy is the best weapon of disease


  • Move Bombay – The European Drug Fraud Case Requests to Resolve the Texas Drum Bouquet Tribunal.

    In order to take action before the bureaucratic tribunal, a tutor for a European fraud in the apartment is requested by the Bureaucrator Court of Appeal. If the court request is accepted, the filing can be sent to a court in Telemoman, Inomite, Crane or Gurgi, according to Ziare.com. …

  • The Polish Culture Minister compares the treatment of the opposition in dealing with the Jews by the Goebbels

    Polish Culture Minister Pioter Grinski said that the opposition had checked the opposition in the way the Jews intervened in the campaign of Joshi Goebbels. Julian Gibbs responded by associating press.

  • Cadrin Stephenesu, about the sanctions against Gabrielle Fiera: "The actions are very serious"

    After the PSF Executive Committee meeting, Governor Faye resigned.

  • On Tuesday, O.Videnia, handing over the church to the pavement

    Being unique, habits play their role. On November 20th, Orthodox tradition and the entrance to the Canyon entrance to the Church of Our Lady are performed at the entrance gate and Catholic Christians. It is a celebration for entering the Mother God's temple … More

  • The Air Air Air traffic was upset: Craiova cancels a Paris run

    CRUOVA, a scheduled airline on Monday evening, is waiting for 165 passengers to check if the plane is flying. read more …

  • Ian Laufer, who takes up the development budget from Paul Stanesch?

    Monday's vice presidents, Elan Lufour, formed the socialist movement for the development of the minister, but when the business environment was handled by the Tudas government.

  • Vianica dancas do not want to give metrograme Gabrielia Fiyah

    In Prime Minister Viorea Danyis in Parliament, the bureau's mayor Gabriela Fayyy's requests are inadequate, but he can not do anything which is not permitted by law. read more …

  • A diabetic person should respect

    Diabetes. It is a good condition to underline the quality of life of diabetes. read more …

  • France and France continuously on a continuous third day

    More than 10,000 "yellow jackets" continue on Monday, the third day of continuous.

  • Maria Graffini was involved in a road accident. Taxi "make zob"

    Maria Gapini was in a road accident in Bucharest on Monday. A taxi in a taxi was also hired.

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