Thursday , June 8 2023

Are you great at FCSB? The striker returned with a new statement: "If you are good, the world is foolish"


Gicu Grozav said he did not believe he would sign the FCSB, even if he was thrown out of the Dinamo after a month. The midfielder told Prox that he would be training for January, and then looking for another commitment, but he did not sign the FCSB because he could not feel that decision.

"I said I can not play in the FCSB and I chose Dinamo when you're good, the world is getting stupid." By the decision I left, I could not go there, I would not feel myself. Perhaps many people are accusing me of thinking, but I really did not know how to sign up for Január, I'll be training separately, January I'll see what I'm going to do, I did not think I did not expect to leave a contract so fast ", said Gicu Grozav, according to the quoted source.

Gicu Grozav canceled the contract with Dinamo on Friday, one month after the documents were signed. He grew up as a star, but in the third league, the penalty missed in the Csikszereda Cup match was fatal. He chose a ladder, the ball reached the goal and the red-whites shamelessly eliminated from the KO race, the Csíkszereda team defeated the penalties, 6-5 points. Liga 1 Betano.

He could have had a great success in the last series of Csikszereda Scouting Team Criminalists, but he played the opportunity. The asterisk tried to seduce Bordas's goalkeeper, but was moved to the crossbar for Mircea Rednic's desperation. The score was 3-3 when he executed Grozav, but he was the last to execute. Csikszereda has been absent twice, but it was a minus execution of Dinamo. He trusted the ball and tried to close the match in style.

The execution shocked Mircea Rednic, who after the game sent a categorical message to the player: "Dinamo handed Gicu Grozav's hand to you and you are acting and acting, who does not return, leave. Anyone who shows that he does not deserve I stay in the dinamo, then I get to the bottom of the bag, "said Puriul after the match with Csikszereda in the best Romanian cup.

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