Friday , September 30 2022

World Diabetes Day celebrates its health on the occasion


Retired Public Servant Jose Lucia, returned to his home to perform regularly at the end of Joao Pesova. By the way, a tube was found in the coronary branch of the Cabo Branco beach, which stopped the blood glucose test, and in effect shocked it: it was better than expected. In the middle of the street there is a service provided, Jose Lucia is looking for such treatment.

"I understand that glucose is 339, it is very dangerous, normal than 100. Next day I'll have to see a doctor for the diagnosis," he said.

On November 14, World Diabetes Day is celebrated. On Saturday (10) the State Secretary of the Health Department of Periba (SES) joined the Broian Society of Endocrinology and Meteorology in Paraba. Sasidaid Pariban D Cardiology, Association of Diabetes of Para & Unmade the Smokers in the Year Report. The café and healthcare professionals from a tender center on the beach of Capo Banco offered glucose test of blood, blood pressure check, educational supplies and guidelines for the population.

According to Dr. Maria da Luz, a physician named Maria Douglas, a physiologist believes that the presence and diabetes of diabetes will be in the future. "The development of diabetes, we are here. The disease is not the first to find the people who did not know beadhavatkarikkuvan activities of the people and the importance of treatment, because it is the first time there is a silent disease symptoms. Alavuntenkilum the size of many diabetes. To prevent them, and spoke to the people in prolonged and complex problems of the patient, DC Iyikkukayum professionals who are here.

The Nucleus Head of the Nuclear Lubricants of Gaslein, SES and the Nucleus Heads of Gaslow, supports the activities and activities of the nature of the secretariat to promote health and immunity. "It is a moment of approaching the population of the SS to implement these services, and in many cases, people do not have time to go to a doctor or hospital in a daily life."

Jose Luciano, a senior technician from the elite, has also abandoned regular physical activity to check blood circulation. But the result was different. Glucose confirmed that she was satisfied. "I'm always moving, I've come back to study for feudal training last week and I keep food, gym, and some results are still not satisfactory, but glucose level in my blood is very good," he said.

Adriana Fernandes, president of the diabetes association in the province of the province who suffered injuries, played an important role in sharing information on the disease. "What is killed and what is inadequate is the lack of self care, our partner here is a model of our life, talking, leading, and leading the association."

Calculation – 214,685 people are suffering from diabetes. It is 5.3% of the population (source: DataSUS).


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