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"We have another child" – The television

Karol Patrocinio and her husband, Gonzázo Uva, presented their digital platform baby loop on the desire to build a family. Diane's parents, 4, Fredicica, 3 and Caroline are nine months old More TV It was thought that the couple had four children. "Yes, we have to give birth to a child, but I think the younger one will be more free" Fame Show.

Nevertheless, Caroline Patrocinic dismisses her pregnancy: "I will give you more time to do things that can not be done between Caroline and the elderly," he confessed More TV.

Rather, the husband stands up to the possibility of another child More TV The couple are not disappointed to have a boy: "We did not seek the baby, it does not mean for me, I always say four babies or four girls love me, and we're not looking for a child."

Because of the need to take care of the three daughters, Goonkola Uwa explains that "the management of the day is achieved with good will and patience." The former rugby player believes that they are lucky because "they are relatively quiet", as Gonson says, and this couple is very practical.

Born on the basis of these practical guidelines for the couple born baby lupe project. In a short time, Carol's three-year-old mother, Carroll Patrauino, collected a lot of children in her childhood. "It's an innovative project, it's my first experience as an entrepreneur, but it's probably one SiteA platform that simplifies the lives of families who want to avoid the things they need as a baby, is no longer in use and wants to recover the portions of the investment they have made. More TV Anchor.

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