Thursday , June 8 2023

"There is no Benfica on foot for Flamengo"


EThe last deal with Beareren Munich was to take a step from Flamingo's return to Brazil. According to the canary newspapers, there was an objection from Benfica's proposal.

This suggestion & # 39; Fox sports radio & # 39; This Monday's discussion in the program. Mano, one of the Communists, made a controversial remark: "It's even more fun to get this suggestion from Flamengo than to end his career in Benfica."

"Why do you fight for the Europa League and fight for the Portuguese championship? You play a big role in the European League, Benfica sucks on the finger," he shot and finished in a comprehensive way: "Why do you fight for Europe? Benfica, the foot of Flamengo None of the. "

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