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The Portuguese who do not celebrate non-smoking health can accept us


November 17 – National Non-To Snake Day

Dr. Polo Vittoria, Psychologist, Professor of Medical Sciences, Beara Interior University

The loss of life expectancy in Portugal and the world and the major immune system in premature deaths continue to be tobacco. It is associated with cerebral-cardiovascular diseases, cancer, lung diseases, and diabetes. In our country, 12,000 deaths are caused by tobacco use and environmental tobacco smoke.

On November 17, a national non-smoking day is celebrated. The Memorial Day was created by the Council of Ministers (resolution no. 35/84 of June 11), then the world has no smoking day. The Portuguese government rushed to participate in this program on the recommendations of the World Tobacco and World Health Programs in 1983. The World Organization World News Tobacco Day (May 31) WHO HEALING AND PORTTUGS has become the only country in the world without such a world.

In our view, the main highlight of this event will be its purpose. Smoking is a part of the celebration of all Portuguese who do not smoke. Smokers' day is celebrated by commemorating all the Portuguese who have decided not to smoke. In November, 17 million Nutritional Potatoes are actively participating in the defense of health and encouraging people's health.

It is clear that this date and the date are for the Portuguese to smoke. The best time to quit smoking is to reach the end of the year and reach newly announced new decisions. The best date for smoking in the Portuguese to prevent this behavior is November 17th. One of the major determinants of success is the main goal of resolving this endeavor. When you fight, it's easy to give up smoking!

The most important strategies are to prepare for a try to discontinue your doctor or consultant with the use of tobacco discontent and those who are most recent to you. It is important to solve the conflict between smoking, smoking, motivation and attitudes. Smoking can be an experience that can be used to quit smoking, on a journey, with many innovations about self-knowledge. The journey takes you through the excitement and confidentness of the challenges. Then, the challenges and the surprises, why not start now? Do not wait till January 1, even if you quit smoking … Enjoy smoking and stop medical help to stop smoking.

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