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The Odyssey version will receive the update at 1.07 • Portuguese Games


Religions of murder: Odyssey

A Ubisoft It was officially announced Assassi's Creed: Odyssey Today (15) versions get a long-overview of 1.07.

The company has previously announced a number of new features, enhancements, and corrections, taking into consideration this version of 2.5GB (PS4), 2.6GB (XboxOne) and 2.2GB (PC).

For the audience, the most difficult news for the audience, especially the game already completed, the maximum increment was up to 70 to 70. Activate or deactivate potentiators another feature previously announced.

This article will support the second chapter of Free Writer,Stories of Greece Lost: Divine intervention"Adding a new mission."Testing of judgmentIt will be available after episode 5.

Another feature previously announced is that many gamers are also awaiting that opportunity, the option to retain their devices and their original stats after the upgrade. To make these changes, press Update Square and X at the same time (after installing X)PS4) Or X and A (Xbox One) On a device or a weapon, a new area will open, allowing it to modify the look of the devices based on its status.

The update will then add detailed benefits and a new area access option will be added Cassandra Or not Alexis Each merchandising machine is obtained. Added a new Trophy / Journal related to the bow "Stories of Greece Lost: Divine Intervention".

The update still produces some graphical enhancements, new technical options, corrections for various tasks or in-game activities. If they want, they can read about all the changes through the official website of the game.

Assassi's Creed: Odyssey Available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox.

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