Thursday , August 11 2022

The car driven by Sarah Carrera “speed”


Impala says the car following Sarah Carrera, driven by her boyfriend Evo Lucas, was speeding.

The vehicle was traveling at “speed”, “it crashed” and “the rollover caused a chain shock,” the GNR source said.

Moments before the screening, the floor was “slippery” due to heavy rain. Singer and actor Evo Lucas has been critically injured but is recovering well, sources said.

The youngest daughters of Tony Carrera and Fernando Antoine died soon after.

Sarah and Ivo were taken prisoner and the high-powered jeep they were following was completely undone. At 11:45 pm, he called 112 and was alerted to the danger.

The chain shock was caused by the discovery of the jeep above, which caused Sarah to suffer “three injuries” – “a serious one” (Evo Lucas, “open fracture in one hand”), “two light”, “mother and daughter, three-year-old child”, the source said. .

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