Tuesday , March 28 2023

Slewno's sleeve | Opinion


The PSP will open the door for his moral weakness. The attitude of the General Secretary is an example of successful misuse. President Fero Rodriguez, President of RS, asked for a clear explanation of his revelation from outside the Republican Parliament from Hosea Silvano at a plenary session in Spain, using the Plenary Session of Silvano Password Deputy "personal and non-transferable".

Using this information, FeroRoadigues holds it and joins it to a parliamentary group, "because they believe it is appropriate". The Rui Rao case is not able to compare the size of the Salvadoran program to a few "short spikes", the PSD is prepared for the country and justifies and defends to justify the taxpayer's taxation by José Sylváno.

Pressing the media, the deputy tried to divide itself. The announcement was made that he would not participate in a specialty office. He explained that he did all these things, but asked the Parliament to give the issue a difficult time for Parliament to be settled. But he looks on all the people and burns incense in him. Joshi Silvano journalists call, "I do not want to clarify, nothing else to say." There was only a faint conscience – a verbose vow in the tomb of our most zealous politician.

Joe Silvano's behavior The support of Ferro Rodriguez, who expressed no support and support for Rui Río, has shown a serious problem: Silvano's misfortunes are parliament, parties, politicians. If any doubt, the MP explains itself. This Wednesday, at the height of his controversial conferences, he met with his colleagues, in the eyes of parliament and the media, to join the Transparency Board and signed the Labor Register. And he turned around on his back. What's included in the meeting agenda: Implementation of Members' Code of Conduct. There are fabricating darkness.

This observation is not perfect. Jose Silvano tried to correct Jose or Silvana through criticisms of those who want to correct his behavior. After general opinion, after the public opinion, the Constitution provides for the PSO Secretary-General's point of view: the selfishness of the fraternal silence, through private privileges. Who's wrong what's wrong? Here we have to define ourselves. Attorney-General's office has already announced that the parliamentary record is to examine fake crimes. The parliament can see what to do: either abandon these rituals – who they come to, or give them a relationship. If you give them a guarantee, a code of conduct that transpires the transparency of the agenda has been addressed by Silvano, addressing those who require at least transparency and morality in politics.

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