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Samsung not only: How are Apple and other companies planning a cell phone?


After months of speculation, Samsung finally did One of the first smartphones in the folded screen. The display of the device presented with more details was giving a great hope to the customers. But this is not just South Korean company to be searched.

The inexpensive cellphone is the closest to a revolution We have seen in recent years, and no one wants to miss this tram. The producers expect the smart phones to be different and their handset sales are falling sharply.

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The possibilities for producing such a device come from new flexible displays, which can be tested for years on mobile devices and television. In 2019 we offer home appliances, Similarly, in 2018,

See below how each company is fighting for a strange cellphone.


Samsung is the best of the new manufacturers. After all, as mentioned earlier, the company has demonstrated a concrete prototype and added a launch next year and no fixed date.


Samsung's Wireless Smartphone is open on the big screen

The tool shown is not attractive: it is very thick, close at the top and bottom of the device's screen are very large edges. The best of the smartphone is that it becomes a small tablet with a 7.3-inch screen when you look like a book. – 6.5 inches far from the current cell phones.

Samsung has made many attempts to make it true. In addition to the new technology of flexible display, a new protective layer has been installed – The company claims that it will be able to close 200,000 times more openly and give satisfactory life to production.

Huawei and other Chinese languages

The Chinese manufacturer, who invested in various technologies to attract the public, is in progress well in a competitive match.

This is Huwa, which offers an option for 2019Speaking up to 5G technology In March, they filed a patent for a similar smartphone of Samsung, opening it as a book.

The first release of a wireless cell phone was also happening in China. On October 31, the Royal Corporation was presented at a program in Beijing. This tool is very simple and has problems with its system. The way it opens is different – the movement opens to open a book as seen in the video below.

Chinese producers Oppo Vivo and others. Both the centers and the open cell phone ZTE were started – two more, so that the device was not a return.

Xiaomi works on a device that can be opened for royals – Google aims to introduce the model in 2019. But in the middle of this year, the company still has a real dream for the elements


This match was found by South Korean LG. This company is one of the few manufacturers of flexible displays Plans to present a prototype in CES 2019, the world's largest technology fair since January. Ivan Blas posted on Twitter on Twitter.


LG will be looking for a follable cell phone and presenting it in the CEO

The company's chief mobile executive, Hwang Geoing-Havan, By early October, the company was sure to work on a mobile phone PartnersHowever, the company did not intend to start the product first. In the CEO LG also displays a returnable or retro portable TV – a prototype of the type is already shown.

In the past, the company has released smartphone patents through the media.


Because a little smartphone is folded, Such a pattern is difficult to see Earlier – The company makes an unbelievable effort to launch a device until it sees a growing trend next year 2019 lineup.

That's true Apple has some patents on the flicker screen in mobile phones. Recent patents show a returnable device, such as a newspaper, that speaks of the battery's patent on the back of the display. Another patent is showing a similar return to Samsung.


Apple has patents for cell phones that can be phone-to-phone

The reservation price for this patent system is: Companies often require tech records. But they are a hint of coming. Apple, for example, does not officially talk about a wireless smartphone.


Lenovo, the manufacturer of motorola branded phones, bought a patent in America this year, "an electronic device, methods and methods".


Phones in motocross patents are also locked

This can be applied to a notebook, but it clearly shows that the sketches are like a smartphone. Patent is reminiscent of the Moto Rozgar cell phone, Succeeding in the first decade of 2000, but with a crucial difference: the device has a continuous screen and that can be shortened.


Recently Google has warned that the version of the Android operating system is now ready for mobile molding. The company will build a pixel line of smartphones, but will not talk about a return trip. But it is good to know that the system using multiple brands is available.

The price?

Well, we have to have phone cellphones in the near future from different manufacturers. But it is good to prepare for the price: Current Cell Phones If you find expensive bags, you can scare your own smartphones apart.

According to analysts in the Wall Street Journal, iPhone XS and the current price of Galaxy Note 9 is priced at 1,000 dollars. This is due to various reasons, but the screen is the main screen. One of the most expensive components of cell phones – that expensive, increases the number of different panels in the product by three.

It's completely rebuilt with the device's own components, which is not less.

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