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Rui Rio to present "meaningful" suggestions. PSD, not an alternative budget – an observer


2019 (OE.O.2019) The party's president Roui Río said the proposals to introduce state budget for internet, health, business, taxation etc. "Alternative Budget".

"No alternative budgets, Libyan militants will read a meeting letter over the door that is closed, reports say:" The budget is a bill that is not bill, but who is the government's proposal? "

The proposals for amendments to PFA and OE2019 will be presented on Thursday at 3.30 pm. At a press conference at the national headquarters, the coordinator of the budget committee Dedar Pesco and deputy chairman Antonio Leotto Amorro, National Speaker of the National Council, Joakim Sarmento.

"What can the opposition parties do? Let's move forward with amendments showing how different will be in the future if we make bills. The alternative budget" does not mean a legal outlook, and an opposition party does not get government financial information on the government.

Regarding the content of PDF proposals, RIO Rio highlighted this as "the most symbol" and has already stated about the purpose of creating a civil defense rate. "If I have more taxes on tax taxes, I do not know where to stop, punching the table and loudly with the taxes," he said.

The Socialist Party leader hoped that the party would make suggestions for a "meaningful" change in business, investment, health and health. All the terrorists in the country.

On Sunday, Rui Rio has already announced six measures. Modified amendments to the budget included. In addition to the civil defense pricing, Ruio Río pointed out that the party voted against tuition fees in higher education. Budget for building university houses

Private sector students have been promoting free textbooks, increased rates of social passes, and increasing productivity taxes by 2016, according to the RTE Revenue Republic of Social Democratic Workers of the World Resources Rioso Rio.

PDP last year to amend the budget. 75 projects have been submitted. According to the Social Democrats announced by former Finance Minister Maria Lewis AlBukkuq, the limitation limits were limited to 1.5% of the budget amount. In 2019, IRC has been reduced to 17% by 2019 and the State Liability to minimize debt and debt to 30% debt and debt to support firecrackers and industries in 2017.

The final date for submitting amendments to OE2019 ends on Friday, and the last vote in the budget will be held on November 29th.

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