Friday , March 24 2023

Reduce the risk of high blood pressure without eating and exercise


EOne person, including the Portuguese, is suffering from high blood pressure. Although many cases are neglected.

This is a matter of concern, This condition may appear in the face of other heart problemsLife threatening strokes.

While healthy balanced diet as well as normal physical activity have been implemented, it is true that there are other ways to control blood pressure, the two most important indicators that are expected to prevent disease increases.

A British study indicates a dip in the bath Physical health can have a positive effect.

This phenomenon was analyzed by a group of researchers from the University of Logerbro, United Kingdom.

One male of 10 mm distance was heated up to 38 degrees Celsius in an hour.

After two and a half hours blood samples were collected before bathing.

The result was that only a pitched bamboo was needed for the production of nitric oxide. Blood vessels are responsible for relaxing, and thus reduces hypertension.

The researchers analyzed sugar and insulin levels.

After that experience, one of the doctoral students, Seven Hoxtra, said Spending one hour in the tub will reduce your body deficiency and improve glucose metabolism In innocent and underweight persons ".

This discovery pointed out that "Positive exercises in popular health, and positively healthy for some reason, especially for rest of the time," said the researcher.

If you are suffering from hypertension or if you are suffering from this condition, see a doctor.

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