Sunday , April 2 2023

More than 100,000 currencies in Lisbon


In October, Lisbon port was registered for the month of March Cruise passengersThe record for under 100,000 is now 108,875.

Last year, 96,261 passengers were in October 2013, the Lisbon Port said.

In October of 2017, 47% growth was recorded. The number of passengers with transit has increased from 60,520 to 89,791 to 48%.

The company had a total of 13,381 passengers in October last year.

According to Lisbon Port, this year, the tons of travelers became more difficult, with more tourist operations and more intercaring operations (including cruises) in 1963. 8,546 passengers were traveling.

According to Portuguese port, the passage of Portuguese passengers allowed 5,390 passengers from Portugal to nationality.

The Port of Lisbon has registered 281 stoppers and 486,588 passengers between January and October of 2018. The number of passengers traveled by 2017 was an increase by one per cent and 11 per cent increase in passenger numbers. .

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