Sunday , April 2 2023

In the accident between the two cars, one dies and dies at San María de Fira


One Danger Police said two bodies of both the body and two light cars were reported in the morning between two vehicles in Santa Maria de fiara in the Valleka parish.

The Puoh Lal Street was interrogated by collisions between two lights. The source of the Territorial Command of Aviation in GNRR described the source of vehicles after the two vehicles were parked.

The mother and daughter are between 79 and 52 in a vehicle. The first one will have a second deterioration in physical health. The other injured were women in other small wounded women.

Both the injured were admitted to San Diego Sebastia in San María de Fira.

The firefighter at Arphan, Medical Emergency and Resuscitation Vehicle (VMER) and GRR organized a site.

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