Thursday , June 8 2023

Google gets 50 million euros, regardless of GDPR


The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPP) Google has been fined 50 million euros. French data commission fined It was the first European company to take action.

This is another millionaire used in US technology. It is one of the largest companies in the world and will first be penalized for failing to comply with GDR.

Google, GDPR, data, error

France is the first who finishes Google for violating the GDPR

In this case, the mainstream actor National Information and Freedom Commission (CNIIL) does not provide adequate information on Google to use their personal information.

In May 2018, the French agency received two complaints alleging no transparency from Google. CNN has already given the opinion of the complainant.

The user still does not know what happened to the data

According to the Washington Post report, it is impossible for users to know precisely how much processing and usage of Google's data is accurate.

For French regulators, Google now violates the current GDPPR. Go ahead and learn more about why not only Google and other technology companies need to respect GDP.

Google, GDPR, data, error

GDRRs, such as Google, need to be aware that users have a responsibility for total transparency in handling and utilizing their data concerns. This case is not applied yet.

"Transparency" was rejected in May 2018

This French commission "does not have access to the data required to process data, determining periods and critical information about the time Google collects information".

More detailed information about "Data Categories collected to customize ads". That's far, far away from the average user who loses between buttons and links.

In short, it ended with finding the transparency of Google's users. The French Commission has finally decided on everything previously quoted and quoted.

Google, GDPR, data, error

Google has taken a new step to comply with the GDPR

Meanwhile, the Google case relates to the case and its next steps. So you have to wait for what needs to change or what Google will do.

The penalty does not amount to around 50 million euros or $ 57 million in Google's finances. I remember that in 2017 American technology has achieved $ 110 billion.

It earned € 97,000 million in that year. A comparatively 50 million euros represent a small percentage of their profits.

In short, what caused users to do their data resulted in impotence of the user, this error occurred. The case is on Monday.

So that's the first big mistake of a big company, so the first big mistake.


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