Sunday , April 2 2023

Going from the exclusive global winger & # 39; closet & # 39; And marry the beautiful woman


Surprisingly, the recent global warming Niko Pugin was brought to a number of people by publicizing a relationship with a man. At the age of 46, he officially executed the union with producer Jeff Lataria.

Their relationship lasted for more than 20 years. That is when he was hired from a global broadcaster, the boy was already in the heart.

The person responsible for desecrating this information was X-ray newsletter. That's the story of the actor's homemaker and the relationship with the producer. Niko is one of his most striking characters on television, remembering the character of today's "In in the Eye"

At that time, the character was very successful. An adult magazine invited the people's crowd to watch the weavers. During the photos, the artist has not taken into consideration homosexuality yet. According to the newspaper, this magazine, related to Nico, became one of the best-selling stories in history.

The actor proves that he is not afraid to be happy and share the favorite photos and videos of his beloved. Nicky's last presence was on record TV when it took part in the Record Show Apprentice Celebrations.

He last appeared in 2011 as part of SBT's Love and Revolution. In addition, he was part of the novels' Cells A Bright Wheel (2009) and Maria Esportenko (2007). In 2002 Sylvio Santos became a tragedy in Little Travisa at the radio station.

In Globo, along with Olo Ho Olo, Nikás participated in the novel Sex Appeal and Malacao of the Two Periods. He was on fire at the record.

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