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Geneva Motor Show 2019 – 5 New Electric Cars Expected


Geneva Motor Show is a kind of car market in Europe. This year, it is hoped to see news in the fertile category of electric cars.

5 vehicles may appear in this competition. BMW, Honda and Audi are expected to see more news. Nevertheless, it seems like a wonderful miracle.

Within a few weeks, one of the most important car shows in the Swiss city of Geneva will be held. Oh Geneva International Motor Show 2019 The car segment will bring the brand's latest inns. Gym Smart is 2019 March 7 and 17 New electric cars that mark our roads for years will be displayed.

Other producers, such as BMW, Audi, Honda and other manufacturers, recently introduced an exemplary polystoster and pinefurnina. New electric vehicles are hybrids plug-in. Cars participating in the function in Switzerland.

1 – BMW 7 Series

This is a car that has some rumors released on the web, and some of the evidence was presented "in advance." Last week, BMW had ordered a series of new series 72020 for the latest series of leaked images.

This design is now the lines of the front set. The grid is 40% larger. It can be glassed in different shades like satin aluminum or gray finish. In the case of engines, this new proposal has been greatly improved for compression engines.

The hybrid plug-in version is also offered. This is a 284 HP and an 8-cylinder 6-cylinder 6-cylinder engine. 395 horsepower is produced. The range of electric motors did not disclose, but was completed in 4.9 seconds at speeds of up to 100 km per hour.

2 – Audi Q3 Power

German brands are very active when it comes to electric car lounges. The size of the new Audi Q3 is confirmed.

Compact SUV, which is smaller than e-tron, will be shown in Jim 2019. It will be introduced in a car format before reaching 2021 markets.

The Volkswagen Group's Modular Map Platform will be used, so some features are expected to be shared: 48-80kWh batteries, 330- 550K autonomous up to 125 kW (168 hp) depending on whether one or two users choose rear-wheel drive or four wheel drive.

3 – Honda Urban

Honda, which spoke a year ago, confirmed its production. Honda will be showcased at Geneva Motor Show and will showcase Honda's production details.

Honda Urban is tested on European roads. It is expected to be an ordinary electric car of jazz sizing. The design of redroe from 250 to 300 km is very different from any other type of vehicle.

In other words, a pure Japanese electric car can be found.

4 – Pollaster 2

It is the first electric car of the Volvo subsidiary. The proposal is only a year after the introduction of 600 HP Capi Hybrid plug-in Polarizer 1.

The launch of Pistoster 2.2020 is an electric battery that is tests against Tesla model. 400 horsepower, 500 km for self-destitution and a target of 40,000 euros.

5 – Pininfarina Batista

In the other cars we already started, Porsche tycoon entered another level.

The latest electronic supermarket is to be featured in 2019 at the Geneva Motor Show. In respect of the founder of the Transpain Company, and respecting this tradition, we can cross a formula 1's double GP form 400km / h.

This bowler has a production capacity of 150 units. Each car costs 2 million and 2.5 million euros.

In short, Pininfarina Battista will offer a 1900 horsepower and 2,300 Nm torque that will allow you to accelerate from 100 km / hr in 2 seconds. It is about 450 km away. Charging of high charges is estimated to be charged in 40 minutes of battery.

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