Monday , June 5 2023

Dvoer Gomes as a Bola-Benfica's controversial move – F. Porto (with videos) (League Cup)


The Krona thrown the ball and connected the left foot of the right foot of the Rafen Diaz. It is clear that the pitch did not bowl. It is unclear whether this contact is sufficient to justify the maximum penalty. In our opinion, yes. Justified. However, it is better to accept that the referee and VAR have different readings.

Oliver Gabriel was unbeaten at the start of the first goal of FC Porto. The Brazilian midfielder (left contact) got hold of the left knee of Spain. This move, because it made the protocol based on a basic basis and asked for a video call. VAR failed because its controversial colleague did not get better cooperation.

Sefirovik's head was dominated by the chest. Rafa's goal. It's not wrong to help Carlos Zestra.

With Rafa's play outside of the goalkeeper, the post-exhausting images abandoned many doubts. The idea (and that idea) is the one we have left, the strongman will meet his opponent, with the last defender. It is true that the technology that was put in place seems to be very bad: the feet of defense were never in that snapshot. About this bid, other notes are still: without a random guarantee, the existing proposals are not punishable. The assistant referee has given permission because unchecked suspicions have no doubt. He was bad at the time of his judgment. VAR, theoretically unconfirmed: If there is no guarantee of the existence of an error in the initial decision, its rectification can not be prescribed. (As if it was determined in the field, as if it had not been canceled). The lance was very difficult, though seeing large-scale glasses.

The previous referee pointed out two other bids:
In the first half, colliding with Jardel and Marega in the area, without any kind of centralization. There is no reason to punish; In the second, exspert made another direct error: Seriović does not show the yellow color, to hurt the head of the mare.

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