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Due to sexual harassment, 469 children were dismissed from their families


Conflicts of the past year have increased, although graphical details are handled with tweezers. For an elderly parent to abuse his grandfather's grandfather; Only one couple who started raping their daughter in 2017 when they were only three years old. Earlier this year, his father was seriously ill at the hospital after he complained of an electronic bracelet housemaid and a 5-year-old daughter. The report of the 2017 Social Security Republic has not yet been announced. It was last year's refugee cancer. A total of 469 children had to retreat from their families. Of the total number of disrespect that may have been raped from sexual or sexy language, out of which 118 are represented.

The most serious situations facing young people entering the host system over the past years are: 2202, with most of the cases, the family imprudently irakalayavar: We are talking about children aged 0 to 18 – so ask for that young man, although the protection – they can dirghippikkan to 25 years old – and they themselves, or their brothers tul The children of PetroChina, for a long time. Over 7500 youngsters (7553 and above boys) were in state custody last year. More than half of them (58%) have experienced similar situations at home.. But health care, sick and disabled children do not get adequate treatment, or some of the rare cases of school trips or lack of regular treatment.

Children have to pay for their own or long-term children or similar children.

Dulce Roacha and the Magistrates, the director of the Child Support Institute, have been involved in these cases over the years and have suffered major attacks on the southern banks of Tagos. From the determined circumstances of domestic violence and the most serious attacks "can not walk on the black road" "From competition and rape, just like a little girl like a girl who gets hurt in the future in the future."

However, even though these cases are very bad, the ISS report now provides good news. Firstly, in 2016 it dropped from 8175 to 7553, and tens of thousands of young people have decreased by tens of thousands of years. (From 2531 to 2857) had to be removed from their homes (from 2396 to 2202 in one year). Explanations pointing to the ISS are defensive and working with families, and it is the last opportunity to withdraw the children from their environment and provide more social support in these cases. But at the time of birth there will be a heavy weight, recognizing the official source of the institution.

"The circumstances they are marked by domestic persecution remain between the black spot and the strictest invasions between the matches and the violations."

The breakup of the birth is influenced by adoption at another very moderate location. Last year, 248 children from the hostels were from 653 for the solution. However, compared to last year, they were 830. The lower trend should continue because children are not less born but children. Third, between the ages of 15 and 17, when it was known – the report shows that adoption priorities are going to children up to 10 years. The IAS ensures that the majority of the targeted children are actually implemented.

While most young people have a self-energy plan (38%), the reorganization of the nuclear family is about one-third (36%). The adoption is only the third in this topic. It is 10% of the children.

The government wants more host families … but care

The host families do not see in Portugal. This is clear when reading the casa report, and to demonstrate information from the last decade, see this: In 2008, 908 children were provided with care for their families. Last year, 246 persons were shortlisted. Between 2008 and 2009 there was a big change. The family was barred from incorporating this solution. Since then, the number of host families has gone down by just over a hundred, a stable – today it has 178.

"We're the biggest mistake of this field," Din Dulza Rocha, 35, was administered on the 35th birthday by a concert at Alice Arena, a child support institute (IAC). "Support for families has been cut, I talk about financial support, training, and children who are unable to provide assistance to low-income families are getting much support." The State Secretary's emphasis on the involvement of people with disabilities is a situation that the government itself faces to be a bar in the field. "We are concerned that a family program does not resemble a resort house, and we need to make sure our host families have ways to supervise," he said. Ana Sophia Antoens will soon give a diploma.

"We have a way to monitor the host family, which has delayed the rules."

Dulles Roachach argued that "these young people have a constant support in adolescence and admission into adulthood," evidence of a social security data. In this solution, young people with more than six years will have these families. "We are continuing to continue with institutionalization, it's wrong," said the Director of the IAC, which focuses on the importance of campaigns, recognizing and re-marking the importance of host families. Traditional shelters and temporary shelters are only 87% responsive in this area. In the last decade, however, we had fewer than 2,000 children in their homes (from 6799 to 4633 in 2008).

"The problem for regulation in this sector does not go further, it is not economical," says Anna Sophia Antues, " [falta] Human resources. We found the ISS in a state of disaster. We have completed vacancies in the competition to equip them with technicians. The Secretary of the Consulate General Fathima Serrano is the second secretary of the Consulate General who is welcome 96 children in seven houses in Lisin, Porto and Lairea. Considering this solution, but it requires strict initial diagnosis to check whether the family meets the needs. "

Half of them follow young people and mental health problems

Image of Cresensers' Shelters – from 0 to 12 and from 3-5 to 25 – The Social Security Ministry is a chain: Many young people have difficulty answering the mental health due to mental health. "Young people are waiting for us, complicated cases, not going to school, going through groups," says Fathima Serrano.

There were 116 rescue workers from more than one month, most of them were girls.

Mental health problems affect a large proportion of the underlying children. Last year, 2209 children and adolescents (mostly 15-17 years old) were mentally ill (about ninety percent of normal children and young people), 1617 in pediatric psychology (21%). More than 1600 (1643) is really medication. There are a lot of insight into behavior issues: 2119 children and young people have realized, "some 28 percent of which have disintegrated character." The first of these conventions is the testing institutions of this year – "the open door is open", as the state secretary gains strength – 116, more than a month, most girls and teens are 15 years old and 17 years old.

Other highlights


Last year, there were seven deaths in foster care, illness and illness cases, and explained the source of the Social Security Institute.


Integrate 91% training offices.

The length of stay

More than four children (732 and 28%) continued to average for one year. Third (868% and 34%) continued for 2-10 years.


The 97.2 percent children of "adoption" Life Project (85% in 2016) started a real life vision when the hostel expired.

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