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Do you want to kill the SBS application?

It was the beginning of the year when the MB marital service started as a topic for bad reasons. Banks have announced that it will start charging transactions through banks' MB Way Application, even as a good example of the world's finest technology.

Frequently using bank applications is free! Do banks want to open an open SBS application?

MB WAY: Need Banks

According to the newspaper Publi Banks have replaced the MBY application with "Connect" proprietary solutions to customers, For charging different commissions in transfers through mobile phone. In this way, the traditional banking business model that comforts business with the bank and re-energizes "services".

Open Banking's program has a strategy to end the "Agreement" on one side, making it an asset for banks' applications, to the extent that it helps to change the way the banks are exposed and how they interact.

MB WAY: Need Banks

MBY - SIBS Open App

The MB Weidly application was designed by SIBS, a multibank chain dealer. Create MBP cards, use multibanko boxes, send money, and share your accounts with your friends online and store shop.

All transactions on the MB WAY app are free and you can link up to 8 bank cards - as long as they are part of a group of banks. The banks' internal solutions are closing, only the bank cards of each institution accept and charge for the transfer.

MB WAY: Need Banks

According to the DOO Alert, the rates applicable for the simple operation of the MB WAY mobile app are unprofitable. On average, the consumer can pay € 1 or € 10 or € 750 (maximum allowed allowance), any transfer up to € 1.50 per transfer.

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